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Category: Engravings

KEFALLINOS GIANNIS. [1894-1957]. "Ten White Lekythoi from Attiki" 1953-1956.

Start date: 06/11/2013 09:00
End date: 21/11/2013 22:00
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Work details
KEFALLINOS GIANNIS. [1894-1957]. "Ten White Lekythoi from Attiki" 1953-1956.
Dimensions: 26.7 x 32.3 cm (10 1/2 x 9 1/5 inches), without the white borders
External Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm (15 3/4 x 19 3/4), with the white borders.
One color copper engraving, engraved and hand-crafted with mixed techniques. From the album "Ten White Lekythoi from Attiki" of the Archaeological Museum in Athens. Printed by Giannis Kefallinos, introduction by Semni Karouzou. Limited edition of 400 numbered copies.
Frame with glass.

{Printed by hand by Giannis Kefallinos and students of Louisas Montesantos, Giorgis Varlamos and Nick Damianakis in Papachrysantho's Lithography Workshop on handmade flax paper "in plano" of Richard Debas. The prints project lasted three years}.

[From ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS: ... To formulate plans 10 white Lekythoi the Archaeological Museum of Athens, this unique project of its kind, he's Kefallinos wrote: .... The only engraving tool would yield precisely the play of the line and the variety of color and tone was his engraving: the rotgut shallow as the chisel on strengths. [....] By aquatint then ask n 'attribute diffuse the patina and clouds of dust weather. For colors, finally, I preferred the woodcut: so what colors plates. [....] The definition of "lekythoi" lasted some three years. The time factor has always perfection, at least for the works of our art. The good performance not tolerate any economy. Instead it requires oloklirotikin dedication, not to mention true sacrifice. .... ]

[Bibliography: Kasdaglis, E. & Kefallinos, G. "the engraver", pages: Frontispiece, 216-19 and 439-456. Dictionary of Greek Artists, Volume 2, page 199. Athens School of Fine Arts 150 years, page 164. Teaching Art 1840-1974, p. 137. Lydakis Stelios, The Greek painters, Volume 4, page 178. Tsouchlou D., Baharian A. "The Athens School of Fine Arts 1836-1984", page 138-141].

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